Local Business Extractor for Google Map Scraping

Local Business Extractor is an automated one-click tool to scrape business leads from Google Map. Local Business Extractor can scrape the Business name, Full Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Latitude, Longitude, Google map link, Detail Link, etc from 200 Countries. Google map is the best platform to search for unlimited business leads from any location or category.


What do you need?

We are sure you are looking for new clients for your business. We know how hard and expensive is the process to find the best sources to get these leads and then try to filter your list before start contacting them by email or phone calls.

What we created?

What we made is a tool that speeds the searches in more than 200 countries in all world using your custom keywords and locations. It extracts all available contact data like name, address, phone/fax numbers, website URLs and emails. Our software is one of the best options in the market to build a list of potential customers with just a few clicks.

What we promise to you?

We will deliver an excellent product backed with a guarantee of 30 days no questions to refund your payment), dedicated support and multiple offers to keep you as our customer for years to come. We are no newbies in this business. Our software is very popular in more than 80 countries there we have thousands of customers.


Take a look at the new awesome features of our software. Check why we said you found the perfect tool to discover potential customers for your business.

Easiest Way To Get Data

The easiest method in the market to get a list of contacts with addresses, emails, phones, fax numbers & websites after you do a search in your favorite locations. Just one click in the “Get Data” button and done. You get THOUSANDS of LEADS ready to export to Excel.

30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | One Time Payment

Populate External Databases

If you have an external database where you want to receive the results you can link it with our tool easily.

The World In Your Hand

Our tool extracts lead from more than 200 different countries in the top markets in the world. Get access to MILLIONS of potential customers in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Dubai, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and many other countries.

Dedicated Support

We want that you use our tool. If you have any issue just send us an email and you will receive an answer in minutes. We give solutions not excuses. Our development team will do anything to make you move forward.

Export To Multiple Formats

Once you get your list of contacts, you can remove unwanted items and then you have different options to export to TXT or Excel formats. We also support multiple Unicode formats like ANSII, UTF7, and UTF8.

Privacy And Security

Your privacy is important to us. We added settings to use your own proxies, rotate them and simulate human interaction with the target websites using random intervals of times between every request. We can also recommend some affordable VPNs for huge extractions.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get a copy of this product with one single payment. You will receive by email a package with the Download Link and 1 Full License that you can use to activate the software on 2 different computers. [99$ One Time Investment]

(Lifetime Free Support and Update)